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I don't usually like talking about myself, but since you've taken the time out to browse my sites, I suppose I owe you some background info...

The Basics
I was born at 5:19AM on May 15, 1976 at the no-longer-standing Long Beach Naval Hospital in Long Beach, California, where I still reside.

The Critic Thing
I wrote my first movie review in the 8th grade, on 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I did not start writing reviews on a regular basis until 1991, when I became the resident critic for my high school newspaper, Long Beach Polytechnic's High Life. It was during my High Life tenure that I received my first recognition for my work; in 1993 and 1994 I was named "Best High School Critic in California" by the Southern California Journalism Educators Association (SCJEA). In addition to my work on the paper, from 1992-1994 I also wrote film reviews for a now-defunct fanzine known at various times as either Phanzine Star, Zineophilia, or Xenophilia. After graduation in June 1994, I effectively "retired" from the reviewing biz, only to return to the field the following April with the launch of The Movie Report. Mr. Brown's Movie Site, the WWW companion to the MR, was launched that November. The Movie Report and Mr. Brown are still going strong, and I currently contribute reviews regularly to Hollywood Hotline, Albany Online, and The Eyepiece Network.

Other Interests
In addition to watching a lot of movies, I also watch a fair amount of television and read a number of magazines and newspapers (books on very rare occasions). And if I'm known for anything besides my review work, it's for my interest in Michael Jordan. I serve as Michael's chat forum host at his official site.

To quote my colleague Scott Renshaw, "I want people to come back." But if you really want to see a photo of me, e-mail me and I'll direct you to a secret URL of one...

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to e-mail me any comments or questions you may have.

--Michael Dequina

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